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Your engine overheating or strange lights appearing on your dashboard? Better get to Specialized Auto Repair. It may only be a simple Malfunctioning Indicator Lamp. We don’t charge you to look at your car and if it is a simple reset you will be on your way in a few minutes. However, we want you to visit us now because it may indicate a serious car problem.

Mysteries of the Check Engine Light or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

dg-mli-photo-2001-01Vehicles with computerized engine controls are equipped with this sometimes misunderstood warning lamp on the instrument panel-the MIL. This computer controlled warning lamp has been the subject of much confusion among vehicle owners due to its mysterious appearances, indications, and interpreted meanings. Some confusion arises from various manufacturers calling this light by different names over the years.

The technically correct name for this warning lamp is the “Malfunction Indicator Lamp” or “MIL”. However, it has appeared on the instrument panel as Check Engine, Service Engine Soon, and Check to name a few. When the ignition key is first turned ON (with engine not running), the MIL should light up on your dashboard to show it is working.

Simply stated, the MIL is a warning light to inform drivers of problems with electronic engine or emission control system components.

When the MIL is “ON”, it is an indication that the vehicle’s computer has identified a malfunction in the engine, electrical circuits, emissions, or related components. The capability of vehicle computers to identify problems is called On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) or On-Board DiagnosticII (OBDII).

Depending on the type and severity of a problem, the MIL may be ON continuously, periodically ON, or flashing ON/OFF. A continuously illuminated MIL indicates the computer has identified a problem that is still present. Do not ignore an illuminated MIL just because the vehicle does not appear to have a serious driving problem. Modern engine control computers are very good at managing most malfunctions, and can continue to operate the engine reasonably well with limited conditions. Continuing to drive a vehicle with the MIL continuously illuminated is not recommended. If left uncorrected, a vehicle with an illuminated MIL may produce high emissions, use more fuel, and seriously damage engine related components. So, schedule your vehicle for service right now.

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