front_end_alignment_machineKeeping your wheels aligned will prevent tire wear, increase fuel mileage by reducing road friction and improve the vehicles handling (making it safer to drive). Even without abuse, front wheel alignment will change under normal, everyday driving conditions. The change may be so gradual that it is not noticed at first. The first sign of something wrong usually shows up on the front tires, which develop peculiar wear patterns that will severely shorten the life of the tire. When these appear, the vehicle should have its alignment checked.

If you feel your car pulling to the left or the right, that could indicate improper wheel alignment. Other signs include excessive or uneven tire wear, a shimmy or vibration in your steering wheel, off center steering or an overall feeling of wandering or looseness in your vehicle.

Specialized Auto Repair has a complete computerized wheel alignment service using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and accuracy.

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