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How a Car Air Conditioner Works

air_conditioner_condenserAir conditioning facilitates the removal of heat from inside the vehicle. The principle applied is that heat is removed by conduction and convection. An evaporator which is cold absorbs the heat from the air that is passed through it and then cold air is forced out through the vents inside the car by the blower motor. This is done by pressurizing refrigerant (134a) with a compressor and then releasing refrigerant (134a) inside the air conditioner evaporator.

The air conditioning and heating unit provides thermal comfort to passengers inside no matter what the temperature is outside. The air inside can be heated, cooled, disinfected or ventilated. The climate control feature helps to maintain the desired temperature. The system that provides cooling, heating and climate control is known as the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. Basic principles of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer provide cold and heat for the particular system. Your climate control settings allow all three to work together to achieve good indoor air quality, thermal comfort and optimal pressure.

cooling_system_serviceThe climate control system can store trouble codes when a problem is detected in the system. We will retrieve the codes by pressing two or more buttons on the control panel at the same time, depending on your auto model. To find out how to retrieve trouble codes for your vehicle you can check your owner’s manual or consult a repair manual. When the code retrieval system is enabled a trouble code will appear on the temperature control head & that will help us quickly troubleshoot the problem for you. Bring your auto by for a quick analysis & quality, quick repairs.

We recommend having your ac & coolant system professionally inspected at least once a year. So stop in today for a free inspection, just call (713) 781-6290.

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