Specialized Auto Repair does so much more than change your oil and filter.


Our technicians are trained & certified to perform the diagnosis, repair & maintenance.


Which models are involved in the sticking accelerator pedal recall/stop sale?



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Specialized Auto Repair is an auto repair service company with a focus on quality & long-term service. Considering how volatile gasoline prices have been - you need an auto repair shop that you can count on. Services provided by our auto mechanics include preventive maintenance, oil changes, alignments, brake service

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About us

You may have received a postcard or email reminding you that it is time to service your car. We pride ourselves on keeping excellent records of your car's history, so you don't have to!

We are fanatics about preventive maintenance. You might think that an auto repair shop would rather have those big ticket repairs rather than much smaller maintenance orders.

Ensuring the safety and driveability of a frequently abused company vehicle requires more than oil changes and tire rotations at the local quick lube.

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